You don’t need to undergo extensive surgery or even take time off from work to reduce the signs of aging and achieve your goals towards looking and feeling younger and healthy.  At Treuvis we offers non-invasion treatments that will get you closer to your desired look your searching for.  Loose and wrinkled skin is unappealing , cellulite lumps and bumps are difficult to get rid of or smooth out. 

“RF Skin Tightening” and “Skin Deep Body Contouring and Sculpting” also known as “Maderoterpia” are 2 treatments that work well as a stand alone treatment or teaming these together and alternating  them with each other, become a powerhouse towards contouring an sculpting your body. 

2 different types of treatments, radio frequency offering a skin tightening and smoothing.  While Skin Deep offers body contouing and sculpting, together these 2 treatments work as a team to tighten, smooth, contour and define your face and body.

To schedule your Radio Frequency or Skin Deep treatments,  call Treuvis Med Spa & Laser Hair removal in Clinton Township, Michigan to book your free consultation and see if your a candidate for these non-invasion treatments.

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