Continue Cooking lesson one how to make a stuffed artichokes…

Cut the bottoms and the tops of your artichokes

After you’ve cut the tops and bottoms you want to open up the flower of the artichoke so that you’re pulling the leaves apart to make room for the stuffing

Stuffing. add olive oil and chopped optional garlic

Don’t add too much oil, a little at a time, The bread crumb mixture needs to be moist not sopping wet.

Begin to spoon the bread crumb mixture on top of the artichoke flower pulling the sides away and helping the bread fall into the sides of leaves, pulling away the leaves slowly adding the breadcrumb mixture inside the artichoke, don’t need to over stuff, you’ll get a hang of it as your stuffing each artichoke.

Scramble up your eggs (4) with a little bit of pepper.

Spoon a little of the egg mixture on top of the artichoke breading as it seeps down into the mixture. Make sure that you have enough egg covering the entire top of the artichoke flower.

Grab your little egg pan put a little olive oil in there turn the heat up and seal up the breadcrumbs as shown in the video. Do this for each artichoke.

Place the artichokes inside of a large sauce pan with one box chicken stock. I need extra chicken stock once you get the artichokes in place.

I’m gonna let these artichokes simmer for about 3. They’ll be ready to eat once they’re fully cooked. Place each artichoke in a bowl with a little bit of juice and peel away the petals and enjoy eating each petal stuffed full of the breadcrumb garlic mixture.

You can also let the pan cool for about an hour take the artichokes out once cooled, put them in a large container put them in the refrigerator and eat them the next day, which is what I’m going to do, I’m preparing these for family dinner tomorrow night.

It’s honestly not that hard to prepare stuffed artichokes.

Enjoy love from Rosalina’s kitchen!

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