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Is your complexion yearning for a touch of radiance? Whether it's dullness, clogged pores, blackheads, or an imbalance of dry or oily skin, the answer lies in the rejuvenating embrace of HydraFacial® MD.

Elevate your skincare journey at Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal in Clinton Township, Michigan. Our dedicated specialists craft each HydraFacial® MD experience to resonate with your unique beauty needs, ensuring a transformation that's both deep and delightful.

The allure of this treatment is its immediate magic. Depart from Treuvís adorned with a glow that deepens and dazzles in the days to come. Ready to unveil your skin's luminous potential? Secure your session online or dial 586-300-4004.

What is a traditional hydra facial?

It combines traditional facial and peel techniques into one revolutionary service. This invigorating treatment uses a specialized tool to deliver rapid pulses of Hydrafacial® MD cleansers, moisturizers, peptides, and serums deep into your skin, based on your needs.

Not only do these rapid Hydrafacial® MD pulses help clean out your pores, extract blackhead debris, help to reduce pore size, soften facial lines and also stimulates blood flow so your skin gets the vital nutrients and peptides it needs to become fully rejuvenated. The Hydrafacial® MD treatment is completely tailored to your skin care needs and concerns. After your first treatment, enjoy how your skin feels entirely smoother, brighter, clean, refreshed, renewed; giving you an immediate and visibly brighter skin and with a softer youthful look, turning back the hands of time!

What is a Platinum hydra facial?

The Platinum HydraFacial at Treuvis Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal stands a cut above the traditional treatment. While both versions cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate, the Platinum adds an intensive hydration mask and potent serums, amplified by red light therapy.

This advanced approach ensures deeper hydration and promotes lasting skin health. Coupled with a soothing décolleté and neck massage, the Platinum HydraFacial promises a radiant glow and an unparalleled spa experience.

How can a Hydrafacial® MD help me?

Benefits of having a Hydrafacial® MD:

🗹 Minimize lines and wrinkles

🗹 Hydrate dry and lackluster skin

🗹 Heal acne breakouts

🗹 Remove dead skin cells

🗹 Remove acne blackheads and white acne puce

🗹 Extract impurities

🗹 Reduce redness

Is there any downtime after a Hydrafacial® MD?

No, you can go right back to work and your regular daily activities after a Hydrafacial® MD. The traditional Hydrafacial® MD treatment is designed to be fast and efficient, so you can get the benefits you need without having to take away too much time from your busy schedule.

After your first Hydrafacial® MD treatment you will notice that your skin is clean, refreshed, even-toned, radiant, and brightly glowing. Hydra facial® MD treatments will give you the best skin of your life!

Hydra facials can be done monthly, our skin care professionals at Treuvis may recommend 3 treatments every 30 days for optimal results.

Can I purchase a package of 3 or more treatments?

Yes, packages of 3 or more hydra facials start at a 20% discount and up.

Want Deeper Results?

Hydrafacial® MD treatments are tailored for your skin care needs. Your skin care professional may prescribe additional treatment serum called “Boosts” that are for targeting your individual skin care needs, there are a dozen different boosters, here are a few of the favorites:

Brightalive booster: reduces skin discoloration, brightens skin tone for an instant glow! Key ingredients; Pigmentation Blocker Glycerin. Brighten complex peptides, Gallic-Acid, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Oligopeptide-68, Nonapeptide-1, and Diglucosyl

Growth Factor Booster: to restore skin vitality, skin health and maintaining your skin’s structure and function. Key ingredients; Growth Factor proteins that regulate your cell growth naturally

Dermabuilder Booster: to minimize the signs of aging, firm and smooth skin, Key ingredients; Skin-Conditioning peptides, Acetyl octapeptide-3, and Palmitoyl dipeptides-5Britenol Booster: to reduce dark spots and sun damage, Key ingredients; Alpha-Arbutin, Bearberry extracts, and Vitamin C

Plus, Traditional Hydrafacial® MD is safe and non-irritating if you have sensitive skin or chronic inflammation. Hydrafacial® MD offers all of these benefits — and more — in as little as one 30-minute with our traditional Hydrafacial® MD treatment, this luxurious treatment is a favorite at Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal. This is a lunch hour treatment that will make your face look bright, refresh and ready to take on the day.

Also available is our 60-minute “Platinum Hydrafacial® MD” which takes your treatment to the next level of a Luxury Spa Rejuvenation, plus an additional hydration mask with Red light therapy for its healing power, along with a relaxing Décolleté and neck massage to complete this amazing spa treatment. Our Platinum Hydrafacial® MD is the ultimate treatment for relaxation and rejuvenating your face.

For optimal results, add a booster, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning or Jelly mask treatment to your Hydrafacial® MD treatment giving you added benefits revising the hands of time with a more youthful, refreshed and renewed look and feel to your face that you will see immediately.

The skin care experts at Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal recommend having a Hydrafacial® MD once a month, so you can continue having visibly brighter and healthier skin. Of course, it’s perfectly safe to have more frequent Hydrafacial® MD sessions, too. Package pricing is available for those wanting monthly treatments.

Schedule your skin rejuvenating Hydrafacial® MD at Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Spa. Book online or over the phone.

*Individual results may vary.

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