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Eye Lash Tinting

Transform your lashes into captivating works of art with the enchanting beauty of eyelash tinting at Treuvis MedSpa. Within the serene ambiance of our spa, our skilled professionals embark on a delicate process, meticulously applying a safe, high-quality tint to your lashes. This precise technique results in lashes that exhibit a newfound depth and definition, effortlessly enhancing your natural beauty and making your eyes the center of attention.

Bid farewell to the daily mascara routine as you embrace the allure of eyelash tinting at Treuvis MedSpa. The meticulous application process ensures the creation of an illusion of darker, more luscious lashes that gracefully frame your eyes. The convenience and ease of eyelash tinting not only save you precious time but also grant you an air of understated elegance. Discover the beauty of effortlessly defined lashes that enhance your overall appearance, welcoming you to experience the harmonious blend of practicality and charm at Treuvis MedSpa.

Eye Lash Lifting

Reveal a fresh dimension of your natural beauty through the transformative process of eyelash lifting at Treuvis MedSpa. Our skilled professionals delicately curl and lift your lashes, creating an enchanting openness that beautifully accentuates your eyes. This innovative treatment offers a semi-permanent solution to achieving a wide-eyed, refreshed look without the need for daily lash maintenance. Embrace the art of eyelash lifting at Treuvis MedSpa, where each lash is meticulously attended to, resulting in a captivating enhancement that complements your unique features.

Is eyelash tinting safe for my eyes?

Absolutely! At Treuvis MedSpa, we use high-quality, safe tints specially formulated for the delicate eye area. Our skilled professionals follow strict protocols to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the tinting process.

How long does eyelash tinting last??

Typically, eyelash tinting results last around 4-6 weeks, gradually fading as your natural lashes shed and regenerate. To maintain the darker and more defined appearance, we recommend scheduling touch-up appointments every few weeks.

Will eyelash tinting damage my natural lashes?

No, eyelash tinting is a gentle process that doesn't damage your natural lashes. Our professionals apply the tint carefully to your lashes' tips without touching the root area, preventing any risk of damage.

Is eyelash lifting painful?

Eyelash lifting is generally painless. We use safe, high-quality solutions and follow precise techniques to ensure your comfort throughout the process. Some clients may experience a mild tingling sensation, but it's usually well-tolerated.

How long does an eyelash lifting treatment take?

On average, an eyelash lifting treatment at Treuvis MedSpa takes about 90 minutes. It's a quick and effective way to achieve a refreshed, wide-eyed look that lasts for weeks.

Can I wear mascara after eyelash tinting or lifting?

Absolutely! In fact, many clients find that they need less mascara after tinting or lifting since their lashes already appear darker and more voluminous. You can still wear mascara if desired, but it's not necessary.

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