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PRX – T33 Derm Perfexion & BioRePeel

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PRX - T33 Derm Perfection

Discover the transformative power of PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion, a groundbreaking no-needle skin beautifying treatment. Developed by renowned Italian dermatologist Dr. Rossana Castellana, this treatment has garnered international acclaim, with over 3 million treatments administered worldwide. Now, the magic of genuine Italian skin biorevitalization is available right here in Michigan, exclusively at Treuvis Med Spa & Laser.

PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion offers a unique blend of high-concentration trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and the beneficial effects of low-concentration Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). This proprietary formulation ensures both immediate and sustained enhancement of your skin's appearance and feel, all without invasive procedures or downtime. Administered topically, the treatment employs a soothing, lifting massage technique, rejuvenating your skin from within.

With PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion, you're not just getting a treatment; you're embarking on a journey to rediscover your skin's natural beauty. Whether it's your first session or a part of your regular skincare regimen, every visit promises to leave you looking and feeling your absolute best.

Bio RePeel

Experience the transformative power of BioRePeel, an innovative peel that unveils a luminous, smooth complexion beneath by delicately dissolving cellular bonds. Our unique pharmaceutical-grade formula is infused with a potent blend of TCA 35%, salicylic acid, and tartaric acid—ingredients chosen for their ability to refine skin texture, unclog pores, and enhance brightness. This advanced treatment kickstarts collagen and elastin production, promoting BIOstimulation and revitalization while providing a gentle peeling experience with minimal downtime.

BioRePeel is packed with antioxidants and amino acids that help promote new skin growth, diminish UV damage, and target the visible signs of aging and acne. Designed for immediate results, the treatment improves skin texture, reduces scars, and enhances hydration. Its suitability for all skin types and ages makes it the ideal solution for anyone looking to address issues such as acne, pigmentation, or simply to maintain a busy lifestyle with minimal interruption.

Transform your skin with just 3-6 treatments spaced every two weeks, and witness a noticeable difference in pore size, skin firmness, and an even, radiant tone. BioRePeel offers a comprehensive approach to skin care that leaves you with a refreshed, revitalized complexion after each session. Start your journey to flawless skin today with BioRePeel at Treuvis Med Spa.

RF Microneedling

What is Bio RePeel and how does it work?

BioRePeel is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment that uses a unique combination of TCA 35%, salicylic acid, and tartaric acid to gently dissolve cellular bonds, revealing smoother, more radiant skin. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, leading to revitalized and refreshed skin with minimal downtime.

What are the benefits of the BioRePeel treatment?

The BioRePeel treatment offers numerous benefits, including improved skin texture, reduced appearance of scars, enhanced hydration, diminished UV damage, and targeted treatment for signs of aging and acne. It is designed for immediate results and is suitable for all skin types.

Who should avoid the BioRePeel treatment?

The following contraindications are advised for the BioRePeel treatment:

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

☑ Current use of Accutane, Isotretinoin, or its use within the last 6 months

☑ Recent facial injections, threads, Botox, or disport within the past 2 weeks

Prolonged sun exposure within the last 2 weeks

How many treatments are recommended for optimal results?

For best results, a series of 3-6 BioRePeel treatments, spaced every two weeks, is recommended. Each session helps to progressively improve the skin's firmness, pore size, and overall complexion.

Can BioRePeel be combined with other treatments?

Yes, BioRePeel can be effectively combined with microneedling to enhance results. This combination can lead to faster and more significant improvements in skin texture and tone.

What should I expect during the recovery period after a BioRePeel treatment?

BioRePeel is designed for minimal downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities almost immediately. You may experience mild redness or peeling, which typically subsides within a few days.

How does BioRePeel differ from traditional chemical peels?

Unlike traditional chemical peels that can require extensive downtime, BioRePeel offers a gentler approach with immediate results and minimal recovery time. Its unique formula also targets a broader range of skin concerns, including aging, acne, and pigmentation.

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