Today’s active men of all ages are seeking treatments to keep their youthful look, just as women do.  Treuvis Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal offers a wide variety of med spa treatments designed for men, most of our treatments that are available for women, are available for men of all ages, skin types and colors. 

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Hydrafacial MD

Hydrafacial MD is a great treatment for that men who is working in factory conditions, working out in the gym, sports sweating or sitting behind the computer screen all day long and looking to refresh your face.  Hydrafacial will deep cleanse, exfoliate, hydradate, brighten and aides in decreasing the line and wrinkles. Great for men who are having acne issues, Hydrafacial MD is a must for removing and suctioning out those blackheads, whiteheads, bacteria and congestion on the face, back and shoulders.  Hydrafacial MD benefits are immediate, you will visibly see the results, your face will be cleaner, clearer, brighter and hydrated.


Microneedling is another treatment that will help to slow the hands of time down.  Treatment beneftis are to simulates new collagen growth and skin cell growth, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, reduces old scars and aides in resurfacing your face, neck and most body parts, with the penaturing treatment. This treatment helps to slow down the hands of time, rejuvenates new skin cell growth and builds new collagen natually.


Waxing hair removal– removes unwanted hair by waxing the area, brows, ears, nose hairs are easliy removed with a quick wax removal service.

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser Hair Removal for men, has become very popular over the last few years, more and more men are looking to remove unwanted hair from their legs, arms, chest, abs, upper and lower back and yes even remove the hair from the top of their receding hairline!  Men are enjoying the freedom from no more shaving, having a hair free body just like women have enjoyed for years.   Are you’re just plain tried of shaving the tops of their head or any part of your body?  If your answer is “YES”,  its time to come in for a free consultation.   Our professional Laser Techs will guide you thourgh the process and you’ll feel comfortable knowing you made the right decision to “Toss the Razer” and let Treuvis Med Spa & Laser Hair remove thata unwanted hair for you.


IPL/BBL Laser for men – also know as Intense Pulse Light Laser Therapy.  Have you been noticing brown spots on your face, neck and even your hands, these brown spot are caused by the sun exposure over many years, also known as sunspots or age spot. IPL/BBL laser treatments will aide in reducing those unwanted age spots and help to fade them away.  Removing these age spots will make your skin look younger and more youthful.  Set up a Free Consultation for our experts to see if your candidate for IPL/BBL treartments.

Treuvis Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal has many treatment for men, most treatments that women are enjoying, men can also enjoy and get the same healthy benefits in our private treatment suites you’ll feel comfortable, pampered and enjoy the all the amenities that Treuvis offers.