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Experience the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation with a 'Treuvis Spa Day' in Clinton Township, Michigan. Whether it's a personal retreat, a birthday celebration, a bridal indulgence, or a day out with your closest friend, our spa caters to all your needs.

For group bookings, ranging from 4 to 6 individuals, two or more service treatments. We recommend reaching out to us for tailored arrangements, especially for larger spa parties.

At Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of beauty and wellness treatments, ensuring you both feel and look your absolute best. From bespoke beauty treatments to holistic health therapies, our spa day promises a unique and unforgettable experience. To curate your perfect day of relaxation, simply contact our front desk, and we'll craft a spa day you'll cherish.

What can I expect from a spa day at Treuvis?

At Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal in Clinton Township, Michigan, a spa day promises a tailored experience centered around your well-being and beauty. From the moment you arrive, a warm welcome awaits, leading you to our tranquil spa lounge where the weight of daily stresses begins to lift. Savor refreshing bottled water, aromatic espresso, or freshly brewed coffee as you ease into the ambiance. Our attentive spa consultant will work closely with you, ensuring your spa day meets your every wish, be it relaxation or beauty enhancement. As your treatments approach, you'll transition to our luxurious rooms where our adept Spa Techs attend to your every need. At Treuvís, we meticulously design each detail to provide an immersive retreat of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Which areas are treated during your Treuvis spa day?

At Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments designed to rejuvenate every part of you. From facial treatments that revitalize your complexion to body therapies that soothe and contour, our spa day ensures holistic care. Whether you're seeking relaxation, beauty enhancement, or both, our expert Spa management staff will curate a "Spa Day Package" tailored to your needs. Perfect as a personal treat or a thoughtful gift for someone special, our spa day is an experience to cherish and, if desired, to share with a dear friend.

Some of the services offered include:

Spa Services For Your Face

At Treuvis MedSpa, we offer a wide range of facial treatments with pricing options tailored to accommodate every budget. Choose from our selection of rejuvenating facials like Refresh and Revive or Glow and Go, perfect for a quick lunchtime pick-me-up. For a deeper skincare experience, explore treatments such as the HydraFacial MD®, Geneo X - Glo2 Facial, O2 Micro Lift Oxygen facial, Vacation Hydration facial, or our European Anti-Aging facials, among others. Pamper yourself with our opulent 24 K Gold Facial, known as the “Queen of the Nile” facial. If you're dealing with acne or scarring concerns, our Designer Peel treatments and series are designed to address those specific needs. Our skilled skincare specialists incorporate soothing facial massage techniques into every treatment, ensuring you leave the spa with a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, often proclaiming it to be the best facial experience they've ever had. Explore the full range of our facial options by browsing our comprehensive facial menu for detailed descriptions.

Spa Services For The Body

At Treuvis Med Spa, we specialize in advanced body treatments designed to rejuvenate and enhance your natural beauty. Our RF Micro Needling Body Treatments not only promote skin health but also stimulate collagen production for firmer, youthful skin. Dive deeper into relaxation and transformation with our Skin Tightening services, which effectively combat signs of aging and sagging. Furthermore, our body contouring, sculpting, and cellulite reduction treatments are meticulously crafted to sculpt your physique, shedding unwanted inches, cellulite and refining your silhouette. Experience the synergy of cutting-edge technology and expert care, all aimed at harmonizing your body and mind in a serene, relaxed state.

Spa Services For Your Eyes

At Treuvis Med Spa, we're dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes, lashes, and brows. Our skilled beauty experts specialize in a range of treatments, ensuring every detail is attended to. Dive into our transformative eyebrow services, which include expert eyebrow arching, precise tinting, and the latest in eyebrow lamination techniques. For those seeking fuller, more defined brows, our microblading and Ombre Brows shaping techniques are perfect solutions, especially for those who have experienced thinning due to over-waxing, age, or medical conditions. Beyond the brows, we offer eyelash tinting to accentuate your eyes further. And for a rejuvenating touch, explore our exclusive Hydrafacial Perk treatment, tailored specifically for the delicate areas around your eyes and lips. Consult our beauty specialists to discover the full spectrum of our Hydrafacial services and elevate your eye beauty regimen.

Other Spa Services Available

At Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal, we're committed to offering a comprehensive suite of med spa services designed to enhance your beauty and provide unparalleled relaxation. From our advanced teeth whitening procedures that promise a radiant smile to our state-of-the-art skin laser and IPL treatments, we ensure every detail of your beauty regimen is addressed. Dive into our transformative treatments like microdermabrasion, microneedling, and specialized acne solutions. Experience the rejuvenating effects of dermaplaning and explore the breadth of our offerings. For a detailed list of all our treatments, we invite you to peruse the menu on our services page.

Discover unparalleled rejuvenation and beauty at Treuvís Med Spa & Laser Hair Removal. Book your transformative experience today and embrace a new level of self-care.

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