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Eye Lash Extensions

Elevate your gaze to new heights with the transformative artistry of eyelash extensions at Treuvis MedSpa. Our skilled lash technicians specialize in creating mesmerizing lash looks tailored to your preferences. From classic to dramatic styles, each lash extension is meticulously placed to enhance your eyes' natural beauty. The result? Gorgeous, fluttery lashes that captivate and make a statement.

Experience the enchantment of lash extensions with Treuvis MedSpa's three distinct options: Classic, Hybrid, and Volume (also known as Russian Flare). With individual lash extensions, every lash is meticulously placed onto your natural lashes, resulting in a fuller, thicker appearance that enhances the allure of your eyes. As your natural lashes naturally shed over time, our lash extensions help maintain your desired fullness. Opt for our lash extension "Fill in's," recommended every 2-4 weeks, to sustain the lush appeal of your lashes, knowing that results may vary based on individual lash shedding and preferences.

Eye Lash Removal

Treuvis MedSpa provides meticulous and gentle eyelash extension removal services for those seeking a seamless transition or a break from extensions. Our skilled professionals understand the importance of preserving the health and integrity of your natural lashes during the removal process. Using a delicate technique and specialized solutions, we ensure that your natural lashes remain unharmed while effectively removing the extensions. Trust in Treuvis MedSpa for a safe and comfortable eyelash extension removal experience that leaves your natural lashes in pristine condition.

How long will be eyelash extension appointment last?

Depending upon the type of lashes you choose, your initial appointment will last 2-3 hours, and your biweekly fill-in will take approximately 90 minutes.

What is the difference between Classic, Hybrid & Volume eye lash extensions?

Treuvis MedSpa presents three lash extension choices: Classic, Hybrid, and Volume (also known as Russian Flare). Classic offers natural enhancement, Hybrid combines individual and volume extensions for balanced fullness, while Volume brings drama with multiple extensions per lash. Discover your preferred lash style for a personalized touch of allure.

How often should I refill my eye lash extensions?

For continuous lash allure, schedule eyelash extension refills every 2-4 weeks at Treuvis MedSpa. These appointments help maintain fullness and keep your lashes looking their best. Our experts ensure your extensions remain flawless with regular care.

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