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Achieving a beautiful and healthy body is everyone's aspiration. However, life's events often leave indelible marks. At Treuvis Med Spa & Laser in Clinton Township, Michigan, we recognize that scars are reminders of the story your body tells, from injuries, surgeries, acne, and beyond. Our innovative Dry Needling Scar Reverse treatment is here to offer you a transformative solution, designed to address a wide range of scars, ensuring you can fully embrace your beauty with confidence.

Do you have a Treatable Scar?

Dry Needling Scar Reverse removal is versatile, effective for various healed scars, including:

  • Postoperative / Treatment Scars (e.g. C-sections, Plastic, Orthopedic, Transplant or Revision surgeries)

  • Burn Scars

  • Permanent Makeup Removal Scars

  • Chickenpox and Acne Scars

  • Self-harm Scars

  • Animal Bite Scars

  • Injury Scars

  • Tattoo Removal Scars

  • Stretch Marks

  • Wrinkles

dry needling scar removal near me clinton twp., mi

Why Choose Dry Needling


Our treatment transcends the usual — addressing not just the aesthetic concerns but the functional and health-related issues scars can bring. Dry Needling Scar Reverse scar removal provides a non-surgical option that achieves spectacular improvements, often visible from the very first session, for anyone looking to heal from the physical markers of past surgeries, injuries, burns, and more.

Explore the possibilities with Dry Needling Scar Reverse. View our gallery of before and after photos to witness the difference, and reach out to us at 586-300-4004 or through our online booking system.

Benefits of Dry Needling

  • Enhances the appearance and texture of scar tissue.

  • Flattens and smooths raised and bumpy scars.

  • Firms up loose and sunken scars and stretch marks.

  • Makes tight scars and burns more relaxed and supple.

  • Restores natural skin tone of discolored scars through increased melanin production.

Who Should not do dry needling

  • Individuals prone to keloid scars.

  • Those undergoing treatment with steroids, isotretinoin, or retinoids.

  • Anyone with viral or bacterial infections, active inflammation, or skin diseases.

  • Individuals with unstable vitiligo (not in remission), dermographism

  • Active cancer

why Dry Needling Scar Reverse beats Lasers and Pens

So, if you’re wondering why go for Dry Needling Scar Reverse instead of the usual laser or microneedling pen? Well, if you've been to Treuvis before, you know we're all about those methods. But here's the scoop on why Dry Needling is the star for scars.

This technique is like a sharpshooter, super focused on just the problem spots. We use a single needle (yep, just one!) that’s all about precision. It means we tackle only the scar, not bothering the good skin around it. This way, we avoid the whole area getting roughed up, which can happen with those pens that use a bunch of needles at once and just go over everything.

And you know how sometimes treatments can make your skin feel tougher or look puffier? Not happening here. Plus, the downtime is a dream—think a quick weekend recovery, not the weeks you might wait after laser sessions.

What’s more, you can do this any time of the year, no need to dodge the sun. And if your skin's on the sensitive side, no worries, this method is gentle and doesn't heat up your skin like lasers.

Bottom line? Dry Needling's got this targeted, gentle approach that’s easy on your skin, works for everyone, and gets you back to your life quicker. It's a no-brainer for getting rid of scars without the drama.

Discover the full potential of your skin. Schedule a consultation today by calling 586-300-4004 or booking online and take the first step towards erasing those scars for good.

Begin Your scar removal Today

With Dry Needling Scar Reverse, achieve up to 20-100% improvement in the appearance of scars and stretch marks with just one treatment. Permanent results and enhanced skin texture and tone are within your grasp.

For a personal consultation and to explore our before and after success stories, reach out at 586-300-4004 or book your appointment online today.

scar removal Pricing Transparency

We believe in clear communication and tailored care for each of our clients. While exact pricing for Dry Needling Scar Reverse treatments varies based on the complexity and size of the area treated, we offer starting price estimates with the assurance that multiple areas treated simultaneously may benefit from discounts.

For a detailed estimate and to discuss your specific needs, we invite you to contact us directly at 586-300-4004 or via our online booking platform. Let's tailor a treatment plan that's as unique as your skin's story.


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